We're m.EU


We really love our name. It's so strong, because - in Portuguese - m.EU means "my/mine" and EU means "I". One of our values is to respect the singularities of each EU and to develop person by person, dream by dream to generate belonging. So to be m.EU means to belong to yourself.



4 years ago m.EU was born to be the largest and most efficient platform for mobilizing and engaging people to enable consumption and social consumption in different economic and cultural territories.


Acting in markets where there are an absence and desire for growth in consumption and social consumption, we are the only company able to meet the specific and unique needs of each consumer. This makes all the difference for microeconomics, collaborative economics and business in all economic and social sectors.



Purpose - To be the world's largest platform for dialogue and decision. 



Values - Consumption, dialogue, uniqueness, participation, financial well-being, resolution, integration, protagonism, decision and ethics.





Part of our history...


... begins when we realize how much each person is valuable in their singularities and listen to them individually changes realities. Since then, for 8 years, we have been studying, testing and perfecting m.EU's method of knowing and listening to people and territories throughout Brazil and LATAM.



We also share our knowledge and practices with governments, corporations and the third sector, and we come to the conclusion that we are on the right path to generating prosperity and protagonism wherever we operate.  


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