To mobilize and engage, m.EU method structure:




. EVECCS  - Estudo de Viabilidade para Engajamento de Consumo e Consumo Social (Feasibility study for Consumer Engagement and Social Consumption) - study and research that understands and identifies the ways of consumption and social consumption respecting the structures and emotions that generate perenniality and financial and social opportunities existing in each MEGA.



. MEGA - Micro Espaço Geográfico de Atendimento (Micro-Geographic Service Space) - Acting in MEGA's is strategic to know the particularities of the consumer in that specific territory and to increase the capacity of proactivity in the consumption with a focus in amplifying the market presence.

. Consumption - Expand or generate consumption decisions and involvement with brands and products in order to optimize the purchase and relationships that result in increased market share.


. Social Consumption - Elaborating, generating and/or acting along with the relations, needs and decisions - proactive or reactive - of consumption that impact and/or influence the life of an individual and that to lead him to participate and belong to the protagonist.


.  m.EU Club - On two pillars: m.EU Card and m.EU Command, articulate, structure, deploy and generate social command, collaborative economy, initiatives for microeconomics and, when feasible, integration with businesses of different relevance and sizes in all sectors.

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