m.EU Club and m.EU Card Club


The m.EU Consumer Club working to mobilize and engage people to:


. Consumption of products and services for companies and brands that seek to increase and/or remaining market share.


. Social consumption for initiatives involving decisions for dialogue and social responsibility, sustainability, collaborative economics, and relationship management.

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Pillars of action


Mobilizing and engaging:


. Conscious Individual Consumption - The consumer relations that involve the buying and selling relationship and, on the premise, are linked to the cultural, communication, media, processes of relations with local public and private agents, biopolitical calls for the construction of identities and definitions of maps and territories of citizenship and, fundamentally, of the protagonist and prioritization of the individual and its singularities:


           . Generating prosperity through Collaborative Economics

           . Strengthening local microentrepreneurs

           . Establishing integrated and sustainable local development

           . Awakening individual social protagonism

           . Positioning brands and businesses

           . Bringing services and products to MEGAs

           . Expanding market share (and Serviceable Obtainable Market)

           . Strengthening productive chains

           . Creating consumer durability

. Conflict management and mediation - Structuring of proactive and / or reactive processes and tools that place private or public agents in the face of conflict with clarity, transparency and fluidity of understanding, orchestrating active leaders in solving the problem and, above all, achieving the non-active individual making him understand, mobilize, and engage in resolution. Work-based on:


           . Managing active voices in challenge management

           . Involve non-active voices incorrect and healthy perception of conflict

           . Plant the seed of perenniality in dialogue and understanding

           . Open channels of understanding and clarity

           . Mapping Risks

           . Anticipating the collective unconscious

           . Resolve with permanence


. Social Dialogue - Actions for the development and dialogue between individuals of a MEGA and the private and/or public agents that arrive at the resolution of the objectives expected by the interested parties and/or beneficiaries. Obeying as a premise the environmental, ecological, social, economic, historical, cultural and educational respect, realized with balance and engagement. Getting base results:


        . Mutual prosperity

        . Learning and social maturation

        . Stimulus to the development of an upward future

        . Relational health in MEGA

        . Mutual understanding and belonging

        . Decisions and responsibility

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