MEU EU exist to myself


We really love our name. It's so strong and so us, because - in Portuguese - m.EU means "my/mine" and EU means "I". One of our values is to respect the singularities of each EU and to develop person by person, dream by dream to generate belonging. So to be m.EU means to belong to yourself.

m.EU is a mark that represents a person's ability to participate actively in the transformation of one's life. Your active participation is through the relationship you establish with the environment where you live, the decisions and opinions that defend your interest and that make your life easier and more fluid day by day.


The Construction of the symbol

The construction of the symbol was made using the concept of the Golden Ratio and calculations based on the fibonacci. 

The circles from the Golden Rectangle concentrically joined and proportionally adjusted form the GRID of the symbol construction according to the figure below.

Brand Building


Chromatic Pattern

The determining factor for finding the colors that best define the enterprise is the values and importance that m.EU represents. There is no specific color for each word but the psychology of colors offers chromatic synonyms that allow us to make associations with the values to be represented.


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